Temporary auto insurance – Do you need one?

Driving a car for short term and need insurance? Now, you can easily get insurance because of temporary car insurance. What is temporary auto insurance?

When you look for standard auto insurance, insurance companies usually give a one year policy. Therefore, people look for temporary or short term auto insurance instead. When you use a car for short term purposes due to various circumstances then you take temporary auto insurance.

People who might need this insurance

  • You do not own a car but rent it on a regular basis. Therefore, you want to avoid the high insurance fees of the rental company.
  • If you are selling your car and people constantly test drive it, then you want it insured to save it from damages.
  • You have been shifting in between cars.
  • If you visit the country for a vacation or a short term visit and you buy a temporary car during their visit.
  • If you are borrowing a car from their friends or family till you get your own car.
  • If you want to resell the car after using it for a short term period of time.
  • If you are working in a car dealership and regularly collect and deliver the car.
  • Your friend or family member is borrowing your car and you want an additional insurance to their temporary auto insurance.
  • If you are driving a moving vehicle then insurance would be good when you want to be safe behind the wheel.
  • Importance of temporary auto insurance

    While being on the road, you should be covered at all times. It protects you legally as well as financially. The importance of this insurance is as follow.

    If you are caught driving without insurance then you can face heavy fines and your license can be confiscated. It is law for the drivers to be insured in all states except New Hampshire where you require personal responsibility insurance. Post the legal issues if you go to an insurance company for insurance, then the policy rates will be higher for you.

    Temporary auto insurance covers you from a lapse in your insurance coverage. If a driver has a lapse in their insurance coverage of more than 30 days and you go later to get insurance then the rates will be much higher.

    If you have been in an accident and then buying temporary car insurance protects you from the heavy bills of the car repairs. Not only this, it also covers your medical bills. Medical bills can include medicines, surgery, follow ups and therapy.

    Without insurance, you will have to pay these bills on your own. However, having an insurance coverage will cover these expenses and reduce the financial burden.

    There are many companies out there that offer you temporary auto insurance. Once you identify that you need an insurance just contact the companies and they will do the needful. Do remember to take quotes from different companies before deciding on one.