52% Of people think they have a smartphone addiction, what about you?

A smartphone worth 1.3 million US Dollars encrusted with diamonds is for sale now. Do you know what is the weirdest thing about that phone?

I’ll get back to that smartphone in a minute, but first, let me tell you about 23rd Dec 2014: the day my life was wrecked.

I don’t remember the date so specifically because of an exam, but because I lost my cell phone on that day.

It’s another interesting story of my foolishness. But this one is about the bitter realization that I was a smartphone addict. Another friend who worked in a company where cellphones were not allowed and my sister whose phone fell into the toilet have similar stories to tell. And I am sure you do too.

Until this day I thought “my smartphone? phrrrrr :P I could easily live without it. Just like the stone age people did.

We were taught that the 3 essential Needs we have in life are: food, water and air. I now know that this isn’t true. Smartphones is the new fourth Need.

Smartphones Replace People in your Life

A day in my life before I lost my phone started off with my phone and ended up with it as well.

It replaced my mom: in the past, she woke me up in the morning with tempting breakfast, now my smartphone took her place.

Late to go to work, ask someone to pick you up. Here it’s the phone and not the friend who takes the credit.

Waiting for a bus, listen to music on your phone… until you miss the bus, and wait for the next one again.

But you will still not get bored if you have your phone.

It is like a buddy with you for whom you ignore others. Hooking up with people has also become so much easier. But dating has become more about making calls and sharing pictures than meeting up for real. Most people are constantly texting even when on a date.

Boon or Bane

Unfortunately, I lost my cell.

Gosh I hate myself.

How I miss my little buddy. It’s like a person’s dead.

How much I miss my cell, how much I not miss my bus anymore now. How much I miss my old selfie times. The chats, the late night blanket googling and all. Life sucks.

All this time you must think I’m a fool. Why don’t I just buy a new freakin phone, right?

But that’s the twist here, even though i miss my phone.

I have no regrets cause now I find more time to myself, to read books, hangout with my girls, go cycling, and all kind of interesting things.

It’s like I just rescued myself from being swallowed by electronic gadgets that are taking a toll on all of us.

I followed a method that helped me out.

I don’t say that smartphones aren’t necessary.

But it’s an evil when phones use us while making us think we are using them.

The smartphone generation is all about a competition as I see it.

A competition for who has the best smart-phone? And that’s not very smart, right?

It has been observed that over 52% of people admit to being addicts to their phones.

Oh and about that diamonds-encrusted phone… How can it be called a smart-phone? I still don’t get the concept of diamonds on a phone. Geez, again that’s not very smart, or is it?

Still, if you ever lose you cell phone just like me, don’t rush, hang on and you might just discover a whole new you.