Are Tommy Bahama beach chairs the best you can get?

When searching for and buying a beach chair, you have some considerations to think about before purchasing.

On the go comfort on a sandy beach or pier means you should invest in a versatile, durable, and comfortable beach chair that you can depend on for many outings to come.

Tommy Bahama beach chairs are among the best and have topped the lists of the best beach chairs one can buy.

The portability versus comfort level of the beach chair you choose is based on personal preference, and you should figure out what kind of chair you want, such as high back or low back seat chairs, beach loungers, beach chairs with cup holders, beach chairs that are easily collapsible, back pack beach chairs, canopy beach chairs, and padded beach chairs, among them.

The portability of chair is always a factor to consider, so when deciding on a comfortable type of beach chair, make sure you are ready to carry it on to the beach if you buy a lounger or canopy style chair, as they may be a bit longer and/or heavier than your standard chair.

Your intended usage of the chair is also an important factor in what type to buy.

There are a variety of uses for a beach chair:

  • Watching the kids play in the sand
  • Sitting and talking while enjoying the beach
  • Lounging and getting some sun
  • Dip your toes into the water
  • Reading a book or listening to music
  • Sitting under a beach umbrella to stay out of the sun
  • …and more

Once you figure out what kind is right for you, you will find that Tommy Bahama has a large variety of types, colors, and sizes of beach chairs that you will enjoy.

Tommy Bahama beach chairs also boast an array of different special features and accessories, as well.

Tommy Bahama beach chairs tend to be very lightweight, the frame often being made of aluminum; and they are durable and rustproof.

For the typical chairs and loungers, you can count on them to have many adjustable and reclining positions so versatility is not an issue.

You can lie down and catch some sun, sit up and enjoy a drink while watching the waves, watch the kids play, lean back and read a nice book, or sit under the shade with your loved one.

No matter what type of beach chair that you choose, you can be confident that Tommy Bahama beach chairs are among the best in terms of quality, durability, versatility, accessories, and variability.

We all have had those standard and cheap beach chairs as kids or adults that were bought because they were portable; but if you want real comfort and quality, you have to be willing to pay more than twenty dollars for an excellent beach chair.

Tommy Bahama is a high-quality brand and you can find excellent deals on their chairs on websites such as Amazon for excellent prices.

So, if you want true comfort, be prepared to buy in the fifty to sixty dollar range for the best Tommy Bahama beach chair you can find on the market today.

That’s only double the price of inferior brands that use materials that are weak and prone to breaking and rusting.

For the price, this is an excellent buy, and you can often find deals by purchasing pairs of beach chairs rather than one at a time.

Start searching now and find your Tommy Bahama beach chair that you will be enjoying for years to come! The investment is worth it and when it comes to the beach, you don’t want to ruin your comfort by buying an inferior or cheap chair.

Enjoy your time in the sand and in the water and make good memories!

3 at-home whitening strips praised by whitening strips reviews

Dazzling teeth not only make your smile and appearance look attractive but even indicate how healthy and full of vitality you are.

However, not all are lucky to flash that 1000-watt smile.

From poor oral care and the wrong choice of food to smoking, drinking alcohol and others, your teeth can lose their sheen due to many reasons.

However, you can now restore your pearly whites to their lost glory with the help of some effective whitening strips, say several whitening strips reviews.

But if you thought that reading a single whitening strips review would help, think again.

You need to browse and read through multiple such reviews to get the real benefits.

We have made the job easier by skimming through several reviews to bring you this list of three at-home whitening strips that are rated highly by various whitening strips reviews:

1. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid

If you are looking for over-the-counter whitening products that are easy to use and lighten your stained or spotted teeth by almost three shades, this is one that you must buy.

You will need to wear these bandage-like strips for two weeks at a stretch, where each strip would need to be worn for 30 minutes every day.

On application, the bleaching solution on these strips will latch onto your teeth and whiten them.

According to whitening strips reviews, some users even report visible results after the very first use.

2. Equate Xtreme Whitening Wraps

Blending user-friendliness, functionality and cost-effectiveness, these strips are devised to whiten your teeth within a mere span of seven days.

You will simply need to apply these strips on your teeth, let them rest there for about half an hour while you handle your daily routine.

The peroxide present in these whitening strips will bleach your teeth to display a whiter color.

This product is available in a pack of 14 strips, where seven strips (meant for the top rows of your teeth) are somewhat wider as compared to the rest seven.

Whitening strips reviews on reliable platforms have quoted users of this product claiming to have noticed a huge difference in teeth color after using these strips for just a week.

3. Onuge Whitestrips

The Lovely Smile Premium Line of white strips from Onuge provides users with professional level of teeth whitening, claim whitening strips reviews.

These strips use an advanced no-slip technology, thus ensuring they stay right where they are meant to be and don’t leave messy residue behind.

Some users have claimed this to be the best at-home whitening product that’s as effective as whitening treatment done by a dentist, though the latter comes at a whopping cost of $300 to $500.

You’ll need to use these gum and enamel safe strips once or twice a day, for 60 minutes, to get that seemingly elusive 1000-watt smile.

If whitening strips reviews are to be believed, you will start seeing results just after an hour of application.

However, you’ll need to complete using the kit (14 treatments) for full results.

Consumer reviews: the truth finally revealed

Many of us will use consumer reviews to make buying decisions.

If we are spoiled for choice, for example, we may decide to look at the product with the highest star rating and we decide to buy that one.

Marketers understand the potential of these reviews which are also termed as word of mouth advertising and it is a very powerful force in swaying decisions.

With the marketers and companies desperate to make sells, some have resorted to using fake reviews.

Yelp recently admitted that they have fake reviews on their site and many other sites like amazon are trying to fight this practice.

So as a consumer, how do you identify the fakes from the real so that you can still get a good idea of what a product really is like?

Here is a guide to spot fake consumer reviews online.


All praise with little substance

In most cases a review that has nothing but praise for a product but with no substance attached to it is usually a fake.

For example, if a customer review about a pen reads like “This pen is great, it is absolutely lovely, I will buy a dozen for all my friends…” such a review does not explain what it is like to use the pen or what features make it “great” and “lovely.”

This is mainly because the reviewer has probably never even used it.

Such reviews are also short because there is no experience to share, at times they will just use the star rating and that is all.


Unreasonable negativity

Fake reviews are not only about praise, some consumer reviews are meant to revenge or just to discredit a rival’s product.

You may find that there are so many other positive reviews, but there is this single one that is very negative and opposing what other reviewers have said.

There usually is no basis for the negatives that are being mentioned.


Review factory

If you check the “read my other reviews” section you are able to see other reviews from a particular reviewer.

If you notice that a particular reviewer has submitted a number of reviews on different products in a very short period of time, then this individual is just a factory of reviews and they cannot be trusted.

Some people submit reviews as a job.

They are hired as freelancers to write and post positive reviews on different products.


Analyze on your own

You should be able to read a review and figure out if it sounds real or not, things like the tone of the review, the story behind the review and the reasons given, do they seem genuine or not? A times it is very obvious.

It may not be very easy to pick out the consumer reviews that are not real but once you are aware that there are fake reviews, you become more critical of every review you read and with time you will be able to note the genuine ones.

Despite the existence of fake ones, these reviews help a great deal to guide buyers in making choices and they should never be ignored.

What do you mean by the best camping chair?

Irrespective of whether you are an experienced camper or have just been initiated into this outdoor activity, perhaps you would agree that a successful camping trip depends on whether or not you can bring the right camping equipment.

Needless to say, camping furniture is one of the most important components that you need to carry along for your trip.

Although it’s tempting and equally convenient to pack all the items at home, it’s of no use since most of the items are not going to be used during the trip.

This is why it’s essential to be a little choosy while packing for a camping trip.

For instance, if you don’t take the right camping chair to the trip, you might not be able to enjoy the trip comfortably.

This is why it’s of crucial importance to select the best camping chair for your trip.

Are you wondering what it means to select the best camping chair? If you haven’t picked a camping chair for yourself yet, you might not have a clear idea about the same.

Here are some of the features that a perfect camping chair must have:

1. Should be easily installable

The best camping chair should be designed in a way so that you can install it easily.

Since these chairs are mainly designed to be used when outside, they should be packed and unpacked without any hassle.

Remember that you should not require the help of a professional, or even to follow the given instructions on the package in order to set up these chairs.

You should look for a chair that fits in a carry bag easily when not in use.

Similarly, you shouldn’t have to put in a lot of effort or time for assembling the chair.

2. Should be lightweight and durable

You can call a camping chair the best only if it’s extremely lightweight.

Since it’s camping furniture and you would need to carry it to different places at different times, it has to be lightweight.

Even if you come across a self proclaimed best camping chair that is equipped with a lot of features, but weighs more than what it should, you should not opt for that.

At the same time, you should check whether the camping chair is stable enough and made of good quality materials.

If the chair is not made of strong aluminum and high quality fabric, it might collapse at any point during the trip, leading to a lot of hassles.

3. Should be customizable

Camping is an eventful experience and you might have to face different situations.

This is why the best camping chair you take to the trip should be completely customizable.

This would let you utilize the chair in the best possible way, improvising on it, at times, in different ways.

For instance, you can choose a camping chair that swivels in different directions or lets you add holders to hold your coffee or beverages comfortably and securely.

In case you have a fascination for rocking chairs, you can also opt for a rocking camping chair.

These are some of the features that the best camping chair must have.

Make sure the chair you select comes equipped with these features.