Types of rollerblades for adults

There are several reputed brands that make rollerblades for adults and kids; in different sizes, shapes and styles as these are always in constant demand.

Since rollerblades are used for different purposes such as hockey, fitness, racing, recreation and street skating, the design and styles might vary based on the speed and type of terrain on which the rollerblades are used.

Types of Rollerblades for Adults

The primary requirement, before you make an impulsive purchase of rollerblades, is to understand that there are several variations in the category of rollerblades for adults.

Different types of inline skates serve different purposes, and come loaded with varied features and attributes.

Here’s a brief synopsis of some of them:

1. Recreational Rollerblades

These are the most common choice among rollerblades for adults.

They are the best for everyday skating, especially the ones done for recreational purposes.

They can be used for both outdoor and indoor terrains though they are the best on flat surfaces.

These rollerblades have the construction of a soft boot, though a few are also offered with a hard boot frame.

2. Aggressive Skate Rollerblades

This type of rollerblades for adults is built with the idea of being put to use for various tricks such as vert skating, sliding along ledges and rails, and much more.

Since the aggressive usage tends to wear out the rollerblades, most of the parts are made of high quality material with replacements available easily for the worn out and damaged parts.

Most models are designed with rocker wheels, soul plates, rigid ankle support and a hard boot construction.

3. Fitness Rollerblades

These are almost similar to recreational skates.

This category has rollerblades for adults that have large wheels, with sizes varying from 76mm to 90mm.

However, if you are just a beginner, opt for the 84mm or smaller sized wheels to have a better balance.

Though the adults’ skates designs vary between men and women based on the look and structure, you must choose the one that fits your feet comfortably with your boots on.

You may use these for leisure or fitness, seafront or park – anyway you may wish to.

4. Quad Rollerblades

Also called roller boots, quad skates or disco skates are mostly used in roller disco or just as ‘keepsakes’ for sentimental reasons.

Some may even buy them just to get a feel of the old style.

These are the conventional types that some feel safer and more stable with, while beginning to learn skating.

The market for quad blades is not huge though, as a handful of brands make them.

5. Powerblade or Freestyle Rollerblades

There are several leading brands that offer the freestyle rollerblades for adults as well as kids.

These are also known as urban skates or slalom skates.

They offer durability and rigid support.

Powerblades are same as freestyle blades but are more specific to ground tricks and stunt.

You can customize them according to your needs and get them attached on aggressive rollerblades.

Other variations in rollerblades for adults include racing rollerblades, hockey rollerblades etc., which have slight difference in their designs and shapes.

So, understand your requirements and level of expertise with the skates to take your pick from the several makes and models of rollerblades for adults.