52% Of people think they have a smartphone addiction, what about you?

A smartphone worth 1.3 million US Dollars encrusted with diamonds is for sale now. Do you know what is the weirdest thing about that phone?

I’ll get back to that smartphone in a minute, but first, let me tell you about 23rd Dec 2014: the day my life was wrecked.

I don’t remember the date so specifically because of an exam, but because I lost my cell phone on that day.

It’s another interesting story of my foolishness. But this one is about the bitter realization that I was a smartphone addict. Another friend who worked in a company where cellphones were not allowed and my sister whose phone fell into the toilet have similar stories to tell. And I am sure you do too.

Until this day I thought “my smartphone? phrrrrr :P I could easily live without it. Just like the stone age people did.

We were taught that the 3 essential Needs we have in life are: food, water and air. I now know that this isn’t true. Smartphones is the new fourth Need.

Smartphones Replace People in your Life

A day in my life before I lost my phone started off with my phone and ended up with it as well.

It replaced my mom: in the past, she woke me up in the morning with tempting breakfast, now my smartphone took her place.

Late to go to work, ask someone to pick you up. Here it’s the phone and not the friend who takes the credit.

Waiting for a bus, listen to music on your phone… until you miss the bus, and wait for the next one again.

But you will still not get bored if you have your phone.

It is like a buddy with you for whom you ignore others. Hooking up with people has also become so much easier. But dating has become more about making calls and sharing pictures than meeting up for real. Most people are constantly texting even when on a date.

Boon or Bane

Unfortunately, I lost my cell.

Gosh I hate myself.

How I miss my little buddy. It’s like a person’s dead.

How much I miss my cell, how much I not miss my bus anymore now. How much I miss my old selfie times. The chats, the late night blanket googling and all. Life sucks.

All this time you must think I’m a fool. Why don’t I just buy a new freakin phone, right?

But that’s the twist here, even though i miss my phone.

I have no regrets cause now I find more time to myself, to read books, hangout with my girls, go cycling, and all kind of interesting things.

It’s like I just rescued myself from being swallowed by electronic gadgets that are taking a toll on all of us.

I followed a method that helped me out.

I don’t say that smartphones aren’t necessary.

But it’s an evil when phones use us while making us think we are using them.

The smartphone generation is all about a competition as I see it.

A competition for who has the best smart-phone? And that’s not very smart, right?

It has been observed that over 52% of people admit to being addicts to their phones.

Oh and about that diamonds-encrusted phone… How can it be called a smart-phone? I still don’t get the concept of diamonds on a phone. Geez, again that’s not very smart, or is it?

Still, if you ever lose you cell phone just like me, don’t rush, hang on and you might just discover a whole new you.

Reading inline skates reviews for good results

The skates that people will use when they are just riding around town on their roller blades are going to be inline skates.

These are skates that literally have one single line of wheels, and it is typically a line that extends two to five wheels in length.

It should be easy for people to find inline skates that have the requisite number of wheels for their needs and for their preferences.

Looking at the different inline skates reviews can help people narrow down their lists of options when it comes to their inline skates.

People who skate are often going to need to find skates that are going to work for them on some other level, especially since people have a tendency to need to break in skates before they are really comfortable with them.

However, the different inline skates reviews can at least help people narrow down their options in order to find what will work for them.

The inline skates reviews will be on hand to help people decide which qualities are most important to them in their inline skates.

For lots of customers, the designs of the inline skates are going to be more important than anything else, of course.

Modern inline skates are going to still have a design that manages to set them apart from the older ones, almost effortlessly.

People who look at historical pictures of inline skates from decades prior will notice the difference.

Lots of people should specifically find inline skates that were made to be easy to use and to wear.

Some inline skates are professional quality.

Others are amateur quality.

People are usually going to be able to tell the difference right away.

Some inline skates were designed to be as stable as possible, and these tend to be good for the people who do not have as much experience when it comes to riding their inline skates.

Comfort is another important quality when it comes to inline skates.

These skates are not going to feel entirely natural for most people in the beginning unless they are very used to them.

However, they can still be more or less comfortable than others, and that is something that people should look for when they are reading the inline skates reviews.

Braking with inline skates can be slightly tricky, requiring a degree of coordination.

The inline skates reviews that people will find today should mention something about that, and customers should try to look for some information about starting and stopping their skates for the sake of safety.

Usually, the reviewers will mention details like this as the are talking about issues of stability and other issues of safety.

People’s experience with various inline skates will be highly individual at the end of the day, and reading inline skate reviews will not serve as a guarantee for anything.

However, customers are more likely to make the right choice if they read them.

Tips on getting the best camp stoves

Just like the story of the ten maiden in the bible, five of who were wise and five who were foolish when you plan to go out on a camp that has no posh hotels and guest houses, you need to plan well in advance.

You need to think about how you can make your life more comfortable even though you don’t have the facilities that are normally used to make the comfort.

For instance, you go for a camp in the mountain side.

There are no roofs to put your head, so you need to know that the weather is no one’s friend and can decide to change any moment.

It can rain cats and dogs any time so you need water proof tents.

You also need to carry both light and warm clothes regardless of whether the place you have gone is usually known to be very hot.

You will need mattresses, blankets, boots just in case you will have to climb mountains or higher places like hills.

You will also need other small personal items like combs, lotion bathing soaps etc.

I know you are wondering why I have pointed out all the above and skipped one most important point, one which outweighs all the other.

I know you are inwardly saying I should have pointed it out first.

This is about the stomach, we can’t do without first taking care of it otherwise our entire journey will be boring and to a point meaningless.

It is said, “a hungry man is an angry man” and am sure we can reverse this by saying that a satisfied man is a happy man and a happy man is one who can enjoy whatever he sets his mind to do.

In this camp we need a cooking aid that is weather friendly because as I said weather can change any moment.

We also need a cooking aid that is potable and light weight because we don’t need heavy items that will tire us.

The cooking aid should also be fast because we don’t want to waste all our time cooking or waiting for food to be ready.

We also need one that is smoke free because we don’t want a cooking aid that is emitting smoke making us inhale carbon as we cook or wait for food to be ready.

We need a reliable cooking aid.

All these qualities and much more not mentioned of a cooking aid can only be found in a Coleman camp stove.

Coleman camp stove comes in many shapes and sizes.

There are Coleman camp stoves of a single burner, there are others of 2 burners, others are instastart 2 burner, meaning you don’t need to carry a match box because it will instantly light itself.

We also have single instastart burner, there are also some which are dual-fuel 2 burner stove.

If your camp will take many days you will need this dual-fuel 2 burner stove.

If maybe you have carried ready food and all you need is to warm it, you only need a single burner Coleman stove.

If your camp is only for a few days, 2 burnerCole stove will be convenient for you.

Coleman camp stoves are light weight and portable.

They are also pocket- friendly.

The other most amazing quality of Coleman camp stove is that it cooks more using less fuel.

The other quality is in its durability.

They are very durable and will serve you for long.

We cannot exhaust all its qualities because they are many including that they are made in such a way that they are easy to clean.

Understanding the nature of tooth whitening toothpastes

When your teeth get stained, it can be frustrating to find the best toothpaste for whitening.

This is especially true if you’re looking for one that will work quickly and break apart stains without too much work.

The following guide will help you better understand tooth whitening toothpastes and their effectiveness.

How Effective Are Whitening Toothpastes?

The truth about brushing is that any kind of toothpaste will help whiten your teeth.

However, the best toothpaste for tooth whitening includes a variety of bleaching or polishing agents that work to polish your teeth and remove stains.

Brushing twice daily with whitening toothpaste will help to not only fight cavities and protect your teeth from the dangers of excessive plaque, but whiten your teeth and increase the quality of your beautiful smile.

Most whitening toothpastes use items like hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth.

However, some use all-natural items to promote better oral health and whiter teeth.

The type you buy is up to your personal preference.

The brands on the market vary mostly by their name, but some will focus on more specific benefits, such as breaking up deep stains.

How Quickly Will It Work?

While you should see some benefits as quickly as a few days after starting using the best toothpaste for tooth whitening, don’t expect miracles right away.

The full effects will take at least two or three weeks to take effect.

During this time, you should consciously avoid activities that could contribute to worsened oral health or stains on your teeth.

For example, you should put away your tobacco and alcohol, even your nightly glass of wine.

Other problems that can contribute to stained teeth include eating foods that have staining properties, such as cheese-flavored potato chips.

However, even items like blueberries or raspberries can stain your teeth.

Fruit juices should also be avoided, as the high sugar count can contribute to stains and tooth decay.

Does The Toothbrush Matter?

Any kind of toothbrush will work well with the best toothpaste for whitening.

For example, you could use a soft-bristle toothbrush that carefully breaks away plaque and debris from your teeth without hurting your gums.

The shape of the toothbrush head should easily fit inside of your mouth and easily contour to your teeth without effort.

Power brushes are a good option for increasing the effectiveness and speed of your tooth whitening.

These brushes use a small motor or sonic waves to break apart plaque.

Their motion will also spread the best tooth whitening toothpaste across the surface of your teeth in an easy and comfortable manner.

This will help increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Final Thoughts

Whatever option you choose when whitening your teeth, it is important to find one that works for your personal needs and which is comfortable for every day use.

If power toothbrushes are too harsh for your teeth or gums, stick with a manual one.

Likewise, if a heavily recommended tooth whitening toothpaste tastes gross or doesn’t seem to work, try a new one.

They’re your teeth and you should clean them in a way that works for you.

Berkey water filter: world class water filtration system

Berkey Water filters and filtration systems are some of the best on the market for many reasons.

They make many different models to meet a number of needs.

They have models that can provide water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning needs.

This Berkey Water Filter review will help you decide which system and size is right for your needs.

When choosing a Berkey Water filter, you need to consider how many people will be using water from the system, and how they will be using that water.

The system can supply water from anywhere from 2 to 26 people.

They have efficient filters that can remove a number of the most common contaminants.

They also have additional filters available that can remove fluoride, arsenic compounds, and other heavy metals.

The filters have high flow rates, which means that you don’t have to wait long for your water to be ready to drink.

This Berkey Water Filter review found that each filter has a life of approximately 3,000 gallons.

The various sized filtration systems have different numbers of filters within them.

In order to find the life of the filter and to determine how often they need replaced, all one has to do is multiply 3,000 by the number of filters in the system.

This is a long life compared to other filters on the market.

As the filter becomes more clogged, one can expect to experience a slowing of the time it takes for the water to move through the filter.

This is one sign that the filter is ready to be replaced.

The Berkey Water Filter system has several different types of filters including ceramic and carbon filters.

Multiple filtration systems are the most effective in removing the greatest number of contaminants from heavy metals to bacteria and microbes.

One of the few things that the Berkey water filter cannot guarantee removal of is pharmaceuticals.

The company says that there are simply too many to test for.

It is likely that many of them are caught in the filter, but the company cannot certify that their filter will remove all of them.

One of the best parts of the filtration system is that this system removes harmful substances such as heavy metals and lead, but it does not remove helpful minerals that are necessary for the human body.

It removes the bad stuff, but leaves the good stuff.

This selective filtration system is one of the best reasons to use this system.

The Berkey Water filter system was found to be easy-to-use and was able to supply water for most of the family’s daily needs.

This Berkey Water Filter review found that the filters were easy to change when it came time.

This system may appear to be a little more expensive than other filtration systems on the market, but their lab results justify the expense.

They make a light plastic model that is appropriate for outdoor use, and stainless steel units that are appropriate for most household settings.

The system produced is good, clear water without any after taste.

The chlorine taste from the normal tap was completely gone.

These are the main reasons why this system is one of the best on the market.

For the most realistic artificial Christmas tree select Balsam Hills

When the Christmas season approaches you might start thinking about what type of Christmas tree that you will want to celebrate with.

If you are trying to decide between a real tree and an artificial tree then perhaps you may like a compromise.

There is a brand of an artificial tree that has all of the positive qualities of a real tree without all of the drawbacks.

Balsam Hills Christmas trees are famous for their lifelike appearance and their quality workmanship.

The Balsam Hills Christmas tree is painstakingly created to mimic the way a real tree looks right down to the structure of the individual needles.

When you look at the leaves it looks just like a tree in the wild would.

When selecting your Balsam Hills Christmas tree you will get three options to choose from.

The first is the traditional tree.

The traditional version is quite realistic looking and is budget friendly.

The needles are made of PVC and are soft and flexible just like a real tree.

If you are looking for high quality but want to keep on a budget then this is the type of tree that might be right for you.

The trees range in size from 4 feet to over 15 feet in height.

There are also options for the lighting.

You can get either white lights or multicolored lights.

Not only do you get to select the lights but you can also select the species of the tree.

There are even selections that are appropriate for limited spaces.

The next level you can choose from is Realistic.

The Realistic Balsam Hill tree is crafted to look just like a real tree and come with a ten-year workmanship warranty.

Every detail of the tree is designed to mimic the look of whatever species that you choose.

There is a wide selection of styles to choose from there will be a perfect tree for just about every need.

There are also a wide variety of heights as well.

Whether you are in a small home or a large home they have you covered.

The ultimate tree offered from Balsam Hill is the called Most Realistic.

This tree is so real looking that you just might have to convince people otherwise.

Every detail is carefully crafted to bring the very small details of a real tree to life.

The product features the True Needle foliage so you know that you will be getting the most realistic looking tree on the market.

This tree comes in a wide variety of sizes and species.

There are sizes to suit just about any size space.

Balsam Hill also offers potted trees as well so you can decorate other parts of your home such as the patio or entryway with the beauty of realistic looking Christmas trees.

When you select a Balsam Hill Christmas tree you will be making an investment that will last for years and will help you make lasting memories.

You will wonder why you did not have one sooner.

How to shop for camp rocking chairs

Going camping with family and friends is a great way for people to enjoy the outdoors.

Since some people plan their trips well in advance, they normally have time to prepare.

Part of this preparation involves buying everything that they will need before they reach their destinations.

Fortunately, there are many different sites online that provide the list of what people will need to take along with for specific periods of time.

One of the most notable involves taking a rocking camp chair to the site.

Specifically, for those who are planning to spend the majority of their time relaxing or watching others participate in fun activities.

The rocking camp chair can also be used for other purposes too including spending time around the campfire at night talking to family about their adventures or their plans for the next day.

Whatever the case or situation, the rocking camp chair is perfect for any camping site.

Before an individual purchases a rocking camp chair, however, they may want to do their homework first.

Since there are numerous manufacturers and styles available in the industry, people can pick and choose the type that they really prefer or want.

So, for people who want to know what to look for when making this kind of decision, here’s a few things that they should consider as they make their investment.

Search for the Best Quality

It’s not uncommon for consumers to shop around in retail stores and online for things that they need and want for their camping trips.

Because people want their camping trips to be fun and relaxing without any unnecessary problems with the camping gear that they take with them, it is important that they look for and buy the best.

This is one of the main reasons why those who look for a rocking camp chair should make sure that they are searching for camping chairs that have the best reviews online.

Meaning buyers can read the reviews of each type of chair to see what the pros and the cons are of making their purchase.

Ideally, the reviews that the buyer reads should include the all of the good quality features of the rocking camp chair, especially those that will hold up under virtually any situation when the family has reached their destination.

Look for Affordable Prices

Since there is always a cost associated with buying camping equipment and gear for a camping trip, people will need to make sure that they are shopping for the things that they need with a specific price range in mind.

This is because the cost of some camping equipment can be relatively expensive based on the manufacturer and the product that is being purchased.

So, for those people who want to make sure that they can purchase a good quality chair for a reasonable price, they may need to shop online and in retail stores to find the best deals.

In some cases, the buyer may find these chairs are available at a discounted price during certain seasons.

Buying the warmest winter boots

Getting the warmest winter boots will make all the difference in the world for the people who live in certain climates.

Some people are going to need these boots for a good portion of the year, in spite of the fact that they’re nominally winter boots.

Boots that are not warm enough or designed with enough inherent warmth can actually put people in a situation in which they’re going to endanger their long-term or short-term health.

People need to wear boots that are going to truly prepare them for the harsh realities of winter, and the warmest winter boots can completely alter the experience for them.

The warmest winter boots are going to have a few things in common.

For one thing, all of the warmest winter boots are going to have inner linings.

Otherwise, they’re not going to be able to retain heat very effectively, or store heat very effectively in the first place.

The people who are interested in spending a lot of time outdoors in the winter are going to need winter boots that have solid linings to them.

They will usually feel the difference right away.

However, people are still going to need to find warm winter boots that aren’t going to bother them in other ways.

For one thing, some warm winter boots can start to get too warm, leaving people with sweating feet in the wintertime, which is just going to cause a lot of irritation in the long run.

There are going to be some trade-offs with getting the warmest winter boots, but people should ideally be able to try them on in order to avoid getting the boots that won’t truly give them the best experience.

Naturally, other characteristics are important when it comes to the warmest winter boots.

These boots are still going to have to be comfortable enough to offer people support, allowing them to navigate the uneven terrain that often exists during the wintertime.

The warmest winter boots are still usually made with enough arch support, since they are designed with the needs of outdoor sportspeople in mind.

However, it’s important to take that into account when looking up the listings for the best winter boots.

People should be able to find versions of the product that offer them everything that they’re going to want and then some.

Some people are going to want warm winter boots that will go past their ankles, which makes a difference.

However, other people don’t care much about the style of the boots as long as they are warm enough and as long as they provide enough support.

The people who choose the best and cosiest winter boots are often looking for something that is going to be practical for them to wear.

Given that many people do prioritize warmth with their winter boots, it shouldn’t be difficult for these people to find what they’re looking for by wintertime.

Stay protected from the sun with a beach tent

Summer is soon to be upon us and for those lucky enough to live on the coast they are already experiencing warm temperatures.

If you are a fan of the beach and frequent visit, a beach tent is a great investment.

It can provide shade when needed from the scorching sun or even provide your family with a bug-free environment to enjoy that beach picnic.

You are probably wondering this question, “What is the best beach tent for family?” Read on and find out what I believe is the best and why.

Quality beach tents for the whole family

Amazon is a great resource if you are looking for a wide variety of different tents available.

Depending on the brand and also the different features there is a big difference in prices anywhere from $22 all the way up to the $450 range.

On average most of the tents seem to be between $70 and $100 which is a great investment in keeping your family safe from the heat and sun’s harmful rays.

Familiar brands are available like Coleman, Pacific Breeze and Sport-Brella just to name three of the most popular brands.

Target is also a great place to check out online when looking to purchase a beach tent for the family.

Benefits of purchasing a beach tent

The beach is a fantastic way to spend a summer day, but nothing is worse than not getting a relief from the sun beating down.

It is downright dangerous for your skin and most tents have the benefits of protecting the user from the harmful rays.

They have SPF qualities similar to that of suntan lotion providing up to 50 SPF for some of the tents depending on what you choose.

It is a great thing to have to protect little one’s tender skin from the dangers.

Finding the best beach tent for family can provide years of beach fun with the added bonus of a break from the sun.

If you are not a swimmer it makes the beach enjoyable for you as well with a place to cool off.

It is an especially great place to read your favorite book.

Differences between beach tents

Some of the beach tents on the market are taller and allow for you to place a chair or two under it.

Other tents are shorter and work best for laying out or sitting on the ground.

Some of the tents work strictly as an area to keep you shaded and then there are some that you can actually zip up and use for a place to change.

Being able to change right on the beach is an awesome perk because you don’t have to worry about stepping in the sloppy shower house usually located near the parking lot, which is often neglected and dirty.

Both Amazon and Target are fantastic companies offering a variety of different beach tents.

The Kelsyus Sportbana is one of my favorite picks from Target as it is taller than most and provides a great place to sit in a shaded are with a chair.

It is at a great price point of only $59 on Target this tent is compact and easy to carry onto the beach.

On Amazon my pick would be the $71.99 G4 Pop-up tent offering UV protection, fitting 2 + people and providing UV protection.

Either way, these are two of the best beach tents for family.

How to choose between camping chairs with footrest

There are lots of camping chairs on the market today.

Many people are going to need a place to rest after the difficulties of camping.

The tough parts of camping are half the fun, of course.

People love the thrill of being able to climb up tall mountains.

It’s fun for people to be able to get back to nature for a brief period of time in order to enjoy the natural world in a different way.

However, they’re still not going to want to collapse into a flat tent at the end of a long day of hiking.

They’re going to want a comfortable place to rest.

Buying camping chairs with footrest can really give people the experience that they want.

There is no reason to have to use something else as a footrest when these products are available.

Finding camping chairs with footrest is easier than it sounds.

People will find that lots of people are interested in camping chairs with footrest for a number of reasons.

For one thing, the footrest part is going to help people relax their feet and their backs that much more effectively.

People need to be able to find some support for their feet in order to truly relax their aching back muscles, and camping chairs that are equipped with footrests will be able to get the job done for them.

Lots of the camping chairs with footrest are going to be designed for comfort in a different way as well.

They’re going to have padding throughout their design, which is going to make it easier for people to sit down and get comfortable after they have been hiking all day.

Some of them have cup holders and other luxuries as well.

Naturally, the camping chairs with footrest are just as good as other camping chairs in every other way.

They offer people an easy way of carrying them around, since they’re easy to fold up and place into a bag during the hiking phase of a camping trip.

It’s easy for people to be able to prepare for a camping trip using camping chairs of this nature.

However, once they actually get to that point and they are able to enjoy all of their rewards for having climbed a mountain, they can actually just relax.

The camping chairs with footrest that people are able to enjoy are going to be comfortable throughout their design even though they have a very simple appearance in general.

Many people are going to underestimate the level of support that they’re going to be able to get with the average camping chair, with and without the footrest that is attached.

Fortunately, people will be able to feel completely comfortable and refreshed after they have spent some time in a well-made camping chair that has a footrest.

They’re going to be that much more equipped to actually climb a mountain and do some more hiking the next day.